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I was quietly sitting in my cozy sofa when I got a message from my WhatsApp relationship group. The sender wants to be kept.

Another said his friend joined the group using his number and wrote few posts. “We were sitting together when a chat link was.

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Breaking News, Latest Updates, Highlights of January 14 – 11:52 am: Delhi High Court asks Delhi Police to summon the witness and seize mobile phones of the members of the two WhatsApp.

Apple founder Steve Jobs unveils the world’s first iPad; Instagram is launched; WhatsApp comes to India; Uber and Ola make.

Do you experience fear, anxiety and perspiration when you suspect that you have lost your mobile phone or when its battery is.

Concerns for safety of 15-year-old girl last seen in Nottingham city centre – Officers are concerned for the safety of a teenage girl after she.

To receive one WhatsApp message a day with the main.

The BJP’s toll free number to show support for the Citizenship Amendment.

Put simply, critics say that this can be used to.

A police officer said the pimps would contact customers over phone and send photos of the girls to the clients on WhatsApp.