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CONCERNED by the alarming number of cases of girl students facing harassment and molestation and.

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It fits perfectly for an occasion when you and your girls just want to ‘swing’. The term ‘evada unna petha,’ which means ‘the.

Addicted to phone? You may be suffering from nomophobia – Do you feel weird without a cell-phone and become nervous when not getting messages on WhatsApp and Facebook? Well, experts.

Our idea was to help change the mindsets of girls from a young age, give them information on various sustainable options.

Apart from drugs and girls, the Mumbai police say that their main focus is on anti-terror operations. The Mumbai police aver.

According to Statista 2019, the number of social media users in India is 351 million (including 260 million.

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Learning To Protest – Students continue to unite under WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups.

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(PTI) 17:01 PM IST: As part of the BJP’s programme to mobilise support for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, party president.