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Women demand concrete steps, not token ‘Night Walk’ – Be it while travelling on buses or trains or even in public places, not a minute goes by without a woman or girl being.

There is no shame in men knowing about menstruation.

I wonder what is so secretive about this. Every adolescent girl gets.

The women who underwent the training needed no coaxing. Proudly dressed in all whites and wearing sneakers.

However, the.

Delhi Hot Girl Photo New Delhi: It’s a wrap for Janhvi Kapoor’s upcoming project which is a biopic on

The group in their Whatsapp chat also often uses the word ‘thrash’ to refer to girls. The conversations among the boys are.

A top-ranked IB school in Mumbai has suspended eight of its students, aged 13 to 14, for making violent and sexually explicit remarks about their female classmates in a WhatsApp conversation. The.

Phone Numbers Of Girls Initially, they probed the boy and girl. The girl looked disturbed and said the. The

According to reports, the group of students were celebrating the birthday of one of the girls at her residence in a village .

A “top-ranked IB [International Board] school” have suspended eight of its students for a WhatsApp group.

When the mothers of girls talked to their classmates they revealed that a group of eight.

ये App दे रही है सभी girls का मोबाइल नंबर आप भी लूट लो girl's number || by. Shiva techStarting a conversation around menstruation – It’s a big achievement, say members, as no sponsorship was sought and the initiative was driven by members of Akhil.